For over a decade, Crossfield Associates experts have assisted leading law firms with objective research and analysis in the areas of Marketing and Consumer Research.

Expert Marketing and Consumer Research Services in Legal and Regulatory Settings.

Damage claims, awards, and settlements resulting from the litigation of intellectual property, class action, and antitrust suits are now in the tens of millions of dollars and growing. Yet the solution for many of these complex disputes can be found in the marketplace — beyond or in tight coordination with financial and economic factors typically in play. A comprehensive and expert analysis of relevant markets and consumers can yield information critical to the resolution of trademark, patent and copyright infringement, class action certifications and antitrust allegations.

How do consumers make buying decisions? How likely are they to be confused by promotions or product claims? What groups constitute a legitimate class of consumers? When is one product a substitute for another? When is the product a direct competitor? What is a product feature worth in the marketplace? How should damages resulting from an infringement be calculated? These and other essential questions are best answered through the application of marketing expertise.

Real customers in real markets with real products — Crossfield delivers the facts and measures that count.

For nearly a decade Crossfield Associates has assisted law firms and clients with complex cases using market findings that are objective, scientifically valid, understandable and believable. Crossfield’s integrated approach and network of academic and industry specialists provide its clients with coordinated research backed by the acumen of several disciplines.